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Our Swindell Family roots have not been straightforward to follow as very little is known of them prior to to 1799 with the birth of an American  born slave named Tinker and his siblings Ireland, Judy, Lewis and Joseph who lived on the Sam Swindell and Frank Baldwin plantations, in Bladen/Columbus County, North Carolina.

However, after many years of extensive internet genealogy research, phone calls, and e-mail, we were able to produce a semblance of our family tree from Tinker and his wife Tilla and some of his siblings to present.

Unfortunately, African Americans face a unique challenge in tracing their ancestry due to our nation's history of discrimination and slavery and all the obstacles they birth. Instead of simply looking up wills, birth and death certificates, or other traditional genealogical research documents, African Americans are forced to identify the names of any and all former slave owners of your ancestors, and then hope that these owners kept accurate records of pertinent property, tax, and probate information. To further hamper documented research, in its history the Columbus County Courthouse has burned down at least three times in it's history.   In addition to this, not all ex-slaves elected to keep the surname of their former slave masters.

In addition,the institution of slavery our enslaved ancestors were prohibited from reading, writing, freely marrying, owning land, and voting, few of the documents that we need and depend on exist for them, and those that do take extra patience and determination to discover. For those of us researching recent ancestors, segregation and the Jim Crow south has left a series of obstacles that make the process more of a challenge. Discover some of the pitfalls -- and promises -- of exploring the past.  That's why the knowledge as well as DNA that each of you possess is so important. Each of you holds a piece of this puzzle   

These pieces are in old family bibles, old family photos, and old family stories that have been untold, or not recorded..

According to ongoing DNA research the African ancestors are from the Igbo people of Nigeria. Other DNA test speculates that ancestors could be from Temne people or Yoruba People of the same region of Africa. Further investigation is needed. We do know that Tinker and his wife Tilla and their siblings were born in America

This web site was put together for as a central repository of information and research  for  family members to enjoy and also in hopes that there might be others out there connected with our Swindell Family that find it and get in touch with us. Family Names included Swindell, Baldwin, Troy, Campbell, Gibson, Edwards, Mattocks, Regular, Shaw, and  many, many more

We want to continue the growth of our family along with learning about other distant and near relatives we haven't had the honor of finding yet. The following information and resources about our family ! We have included several pictures so be sure to also check out our "Photo Gallery"!

If you've come across this web site while searching the Swindell Family surname, it could be that we are related in some distant fashion. If so, we would be very excited to hear from you. If you are not sure whether your lineage is a part of ours, please feel free to contact us and we will help research any possible connection!   We are on as SwindellFamily1.

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- Important Notice! -
For security and privacy reasons, detailed information has been hidden throughout this site and to protect personal information of the living individuals. We also make no guarantee on the accuracy of our research which always changes when we get updated information, or as public records are released.

Please feel free to Contact US  if you have any questions concerning a possible familial connections or id you have any family tree corrections . You can also find us on, and we encourage each of you to take a Ancestry DNA test, as each DNA from different generation is unique.

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